GoPro Only - Example Videos

The videos shown here are recorded on a GPS enabled GoPro. The video and GPS (+ accelerometer) data are loaded into the Race Technology GoPro Analysis Software where a wealth of variables are available for data analysis and overlay on exported videos.

Motorbike Lean Angle

One lap from No-Limits-Racing 765RS Cup

Onboard footage from Donington GP circuit, with Brian Greenfield on the Triumph 765RS, with displayed lean angle, accelerations, track map, lap time, best lap and timeslip data. These variables are calculated from the GPS data from the GoPro camera and overlaid onto the video.

Download the original GoPro video file from here (Warning, large file!) to test out the software.


Timeslip Data - Spa Circuit

Video demonstrating time slip data at a track day. Comparing the second fastest lap to the fastest lap (on a busy track, so traffic plays a large part in the losses of time). See the lap time (top middle) time slip (Faster/slower) and the number of seconds this amounts to over the whole lap.


Simulation Tools

The simulation tools in the Analysis Software provide a powerful tool for driver improvement. Simulate a perfect lap for your car, highlighting areas for improvement. This video gives a demonstration of some simulated variables (shown in yellow). Please note that the accuracy of the information input into the simulation tool will dictate the accuracy of the results. For more information on using the Simulation tool, its uses and limitations, please visit our knowledgebase here