Custom Project Development

Our closely knit development team are able to combine all aspects of circuit design, hardware, design for manufacture, firmware, software, websites and our technical know-how to develop a complete solution. Our extensive experience and huge IP library make us an ideal development partner.

We have developed many projects for both large organisations and smaller buisinesses. Using our experience to radically reduce development times and time to working prototype. In many cases we are able to make a working prototype to prove the concept and begin some form of early testing by drawing on our extensive IP library.

Example project - Data logger and display:

Data logger and display combined into a single windscreen mounted unit.

  • Custom CNC machined aluminium case
  • Product firmware
  • Additional electronics PCBs
  • Custom membrane and branding


Example project - In vehicle driving monitor for safety study


Compact and neatly installed GPS online data logger for a driving safety and behavioural study.

  • Product case and branded parts
  • PCB electronics
  • Web interface
  • Prototyping
  • Web interface


 Please contact us with details of your application and we'll see how we can assist you.