RTK BASE Portable - Portable Base Station


RTK BASE Portable


Product Datasheet


The RTK BASE Portable is a multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of providing RTCM corrections via either a 4G LTE radio modem or via optional radio modem, to give 2cm absolute positional accuracy for a variety of testing applications. The system is designed to work with any of the Race Technology 2cm capable systems, or with any other GNSS receivers which require RTCM V3.x corrections.

The RTK BASE Portable will self-survey to give highly accurate absolute positioning. Corrections are transmitted after just a few minutes, required to obtain the local position. If placed within 5m of the last time it was used, the previous position will be used again. So consistent results can be obtained across different test sessions. Full status information for the connection and satellite information is shown on the LCD.


The RTK BASE Portable is a completely stand alone correction source which doesn’t require a fixed installation and has a very fast startup time.

RTK BASE Portable Diagram

Using the RTK BASE Portable with the RTK CONNECT and SPEEDBOX-INS or CATS-INS gives all the benefit of the proven speed and attitude accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS, with the addition of positional accuracy upgraded from the 1m level to the 2-3cm level. This brings many more applications within the remit of the SPEEDBOX-INS / CATS system, including:

  • Driving robot input
  • Lane deviation testing
  • Target tracking
  • Driver assistance development and end-of-line testing (ADAS)
  • Driverless vehicle research and development


There are ongoing charges for the RTK BASE Portable, they are provided as an all inclusive package, with the first year being free. Extensions to this subscription can be charged either annually or five yearly. SIM cards are user supplied.