Brake and tyre testing - "A few cm accuracy for all automotive braking tests"


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Performance Testing Quick Start Guide

This PDF guide illustrates the installation, set up and general use of the Complete Automotive Testing System INS for brake testing and performance testing applications.

Brake Testing System

An example brake testing system, looking at repeated braking tests and accelerations causing increased brake disc temperatures. With braking measurements being taken by the SPEEDBOX-INS system, and additional sensor inputs reading disc temeratures and brake line pressures. Additional vehicle data obtained via connection to the vehicle CAN bus, eg. wheel speeds, RPM, throttle position etc.

SPEEDBOX-INS Distance Verification Application Notes

This application note describes a method for comparing distance measurements from a CATS or SPEEDBOX-INS system with a DASH4PRO, to those from a class 1 tape measure. This would be done to verify the measurements.