Radar Distance Sensor


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  • Simple to use, pre-configured radar distance sensor
  • Can be configured for single or multiple targets (tracks up to 200 targets)
  • Track objects behind other objects
  • Measures x/y possitions and velocities
  • Output on serial or CAN, distance to objects, approach speed
  • Can be fitted on the front or rear of the vehicle
  • Ideal for safety studies, as well as test and instrumentation applications

Working with a leading OEM supplier Race Technology is now able to supply Radar distance sensing systems suitable for ADAS development, road safety studies, as well as other general automotive testing. The radar system is highly configurable with regards parameters such as minimum target size, maximum target angle etc, making it possible to filter out objects that are not of interest.

Case Study Examples - Illustrating some systems and applications for this technology. We can create complete systems to your requirements please contact us to discuss.

Case Study 1 - Road Safety Study

Front mounted radar sensor monitoring safe distances and speeds on heavy goods vehicles. Measuring distance to other vehicles, speeds and time to impact.

Case Study 2 - Vehicle Monitoring at Test tracks

Radar sensor mounted the the impact barrier at the end of a test straight, triggering a warning back to the control centre should an impact be close or imminent.

Case Study 3 - Detecting of near misses for stationary emergency vehicles

Radar sensor mounted to the rear of emergency or highways vehicle. Detecting vehicles approaching at speed on a collision course, triggering both a warning and a video recording. Warning message and video clip sent to the manager's office via 4G data connection.

Case Study 4 - Road works safety incursion detection

Radar sensor mounted to detect vehicles within the coned off area of roadworks. Should a vehicle be detected within the area an alarm (visual and audible) is sounded to notify workers of the approaching risk.


What’s included

1 Radar distance sensing module

1 3m loom with power and CAN connections


No software is supplied with the radar sensor, it is supplied pre-configured and ready to use from the factory. If a non-standard configuration is needed, then this can be arranged.


If needed we can supply a data logger preconfigured to log the sensor output and/or a display to display the sensor output.

Inputs and Outputs

CAN – fixed format 500kb/s

Specification Default Configuration

Range 0.2 to 100m
Tracked objects Tracks multiple, outputs nearest object distance and relative velocity
Acceptance angle +/- 9 degrees
Detected target size Standard is 1m2, but can be changed
Measured parameters Distance and relative velocity of nearest object
Voltge input 9V to 32V
Power consumption 12W max
Sealing IP67
Weight 320g
Size 140 x 95 x 35mm (approximate)