GNSS2 - Precision multi-constellation GNSS receiver




Product Datasheet


The GNSS2 is a multi-constellation GNSS receiver with built in 4G LTE radio modem, capable of giving 2cm precision position when connected to either a web or radio modem based correction source.

The main applications for the GNSS2 are wherever a CAN or NMEA high accuracy precision output are required, primarily as an input to existing data logging systems. The GNSS2 can also be used as a high accuracy position input with a Race Technology logger such as the DL2. It is not intended for vehicle dynamics performance testing.

There are two main modes of operation:

  • GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + Beidou 5Hz
  • GPS + GLONASS + Galileo 10Hz

The GNSS2 is intended for standalone operation with either a Race Technology data logger such as a DL2, or with third party data loggers based using CAN data.

Corrections can be sourced either from a Race Technology base station, or from an NTRIP subscription. In addition to the web based corrections, RTCM corrections can be provided in to the unit via a radio modem if desired.

Full status information for the connection and satellite information is shown on the LCD.

GNSS2 Positional Accuracy

This diagram illustrates three positional accuracy states: No corrections in green - just standard GNSS receiver positional accuracy. Web based corrections in blue, and RT BASE or RT BASE Portable corrections (within 10km) in red.


GPS Type
50% CEP Error [cm]
99% CEP Error [cm]
No Correction Source - 10Hz - Dual Frequency - GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/(5Hz BeiDou)
24 92
RTK Differential - Dual Frequency + Commercial Corrections
0.8 3
RTK Differential - Dual Frequency + RT Basestation 10km away **
0.3 1.3
All tests are based on 24 hours continuous data collection with a good view of the sky
**Typical differential corrections are valid up to about 50km from the base station, and then start to degrade. Corrections are still useable/beneficial up to about 150km


There are ongoing charges for the GNSS2, they are provided as an all inclusive package, with the first year being free. Extensions to this subscription can be charged either annually or five yearly. SIM cards are user supplied.