DASH4PRO - Compact graphics display 


The DASH4PRO is a fully configurable display unit which has been designed to be used eiter as a flexible standalone CAN display, or as a tightly integrated display for Race Technology data loggers and SPEEDBOX systems (including the CATS - Complete Automotive Testing System).

DASH4PRO used as part of a Race Technology system, feeding back data and test results. It can be used to set up triggered tests on the SPEEDBOX products as well as reviewing previous test results and showing live data

When used with Race Technology SPEEDBOX and DL2 products it forms a user friendly and integrated solution capable of both displaying data, as well as controlling the system. The DASH4PRO can be used to display simple variables, the results from tests, configure SPEEDBOX triggered tests, display information, system messages and control of logging. The DASH4PRO can also be configured for alarms, so the user gets a warning if any variables go out of range, and has two sets of high brightness LEDs that can be configured for an number of different applications. The DASH4PRO is supplied with a standard configuration for use with CATS, so in most cases it can just be pluged in and used immediately.

The display is very compact, and can be permanently fitted, or simply mounted using a windscreen mount in the vehicle. The backlit LCD display is visible in all lighting conditions, from complete darkness to full sunlight.


Performance Meter

Quick and easy to use performance meter for use with GPS enabled DL2 data loggers and SPEEDBOX products. Use the DASH4PRO to give instant feedback and results of performance tests: time between speeds (e.g. 0-60) and time over distance (e.g. ¼ mile times). The tests are easily setup using the menus on the display.

Optional accessories:

  • windscreen mounting kit
  • USB programming lead
  • Direct CAN input license

For a full specification on the DASH4PRO, and technical information, please visit our Knowledgebase here.