DASH4PRO - Options


CAN Option

When used as a standalone CAN display the DASH4PRO can be quickly configured to display any combination of data from an industry standard DBC file. The data can be displayed over five screens, in different sized font, or displayed on barcharts and graphs. There are also more advanced options like maths channels, alarms, and the ability to output CAN commands.


Connect directly to a CAN bus (with the additional, direct CAN option) of a vehicle to monitor CAN variables on the fully configurable display screens and bi-colour LED scales.


Connect directly to third party equipment that has a CAN output (with the additional, direct CAN option), displaying the relevant data and system status on the fully configurable display screens and bi-colour LED scales.

The CAN option includes built in CAN tools for displaying incoming CAN messages, pefect for troubleshooting, development and reverse engineering.

  • Display all variables at 20, 50, 100, 125, 160, 250, 500 kbps or 1000 (1Mbit) baud rates, displays all raw CAN at selected baud rate. This enables data baud rates to be quickly checked, and individual messages scrolled through.
  • Check incoming addresses, frequency and see raw data values live.
  • Display all raw CAN variables at the unit's configured baud rate, to quickly check the configuration, frequency, all incoming raw CAN addresses and their values

Please note: The direct CAN option is in addition to the standard features of the DASH4PRO.