Speed, gradient NVH studies


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Our range of general-purpose automotive GPS sensors offer an excellent price to performance ratio for many applications including performance testing, speed and distance verification and gradient measurement. From the low cost SPEED10 GPS/GLONASS speed sensor, to the robust measurements from the combined GPS and accelerometer of the standard SPEEBOX. Our SPEEDBOX-INS and CATS-INS products (integrated IMU and GPS data) offer unbeatable accuracy for automotive testing and also offer accurate superelevation measurement. All of our products are suitable for testing in real world environments on a range of vehicles. Please contact us for advice on your application.

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Application Documents:

SPEEDBOX-INS Distance Verification Application Notes

This application note describes a method for comparing distance measurements from a CATS or SPEEDBOX-INS system with a DASH4PRO, to those from a class 1 tape measure. This would be done to verify the measurements.

Performance Testing Quick Start Guide

This PDF guide illustrates the installation, set up and general use of the Complete Automotive Testing System (INS version) for brake testing and performance testing applications.