DL1 CLUB - Our most popular data logger

The DL1 CLUB is very simple to install and use, but with a huge amount of power and flexibility as your requirements increase. It is suitable for use from an occasional track day user to full professional factory teams.

The Race Technology Analysis software is one of the key reasons to choose one of our data loggers. Packed with the powerful in-depth features of a truly professional tool, whilst maintaining an intuitive interface for new users to get started easily. Hover over the image below for a brief explanation


  • Logs data to SD memory card - up to 32GB
  • Check braking points and grip usage with the built in 3-axis accelerometer
  • Sample channels at up to 100Hz
  • Add ECU data or external sensors to record and analyse engine health and performance
  • Optional GoPro QuickSync video licence for synchronised HD video and DL1 data in Analysis software


The Race Technology V10 software package is free to download and can be downloaded and tested from here



Operation is similar to the DL1 SPORT, you simply connect power, put the GPS antenna on the vehicle roof and you are ready to log data. For more advanced applications, the DL1 CLUB, it is capable of being used for anything you could reasonably want of a data logging system:

  • Add up to 12 external sensors, e.g. temperature and pressure
  • Real time advanced lap timing and time-slip to show when you are gaining and losing time
  • Connect directly to many different ECUs with NO external adapter
  • Add up to 4 wheel speed sensors
  • USB connection to the PC for configuration and the live monitor
  • Connect to one of our dashboards, including the DASH2 and DASH4PRO
  • Collect and output CAN data using 2 independant full speed CAN ports
  • Control external devices, e.g. cooling fans/valves or large warning lights, using output drivers option
  • Powerful real-time data processing, advanced filtering, and maths channels
  • Unrivalled accuracy with our 20Hz GPS option


The DL1 CLUB can be used standalone, or in combination with our other products including:

  • DASH2, for a full size road legal race display, displays sensor data, ECU data, lap timing and more
  • DASH4PRO, a compact data display ideal for formula cars or where an additional or secondary display is required
  • RT LIVE, adds telemetry and remote logging
  • ANALOG8, adds even more external channels for more analogue sensor inputs


Main Product (GBP 660.00)
Available Add-ons
DL1 20Hz GPS enhancement (DL120HZ) (GBP 165.00)
DL1 6g accelerometers enhancement (DL16GUPGRADE) (GBP 90.00)
DL1 CLUB 4 low side driver and 4 extra analogue (DL1CLUBANA) (GBP 165.00)
DL1 CLUB Built-in ECU serial interface (DL1CLUBECUSERIAL) (GBP 110.00)
DL1 CLUB CAN Receive option (15 channels per option, max 7 per unit) (DL1CLUBCANREC) (GBP 110.00)
DL1 CLUB CAN Transmit option (DL1CLUBCANTRAN) (GBP 275.00)
DL1 CLUB Configuration lock option (DL1CLUBCONFIGLOCK) (GBP 110.00)
DL1 CLUB PWM outputs + enhanced frequency input enhancement (DL1CLUBDIGIUPGRADE) (GBP 165.00)
DL1 CLUB second serial port enhancement (DL1CLUBSERIALUPGRADE) (GBP 55.00)
GoPro Licence Only (GOPROLICENCE) (GBP 110.00)


Main Product


* - Main product required.

Note: all prices are exclusive of VAT at 20.0%.