Enforce championship rules or balance performance in multimarque race series with purpose designed scrutineering systems, available exclusively to race series organisers.


RTSS product range from Race Technology offers off-the-shelf solutions for race championship rule enforcement and BOP (Balance Of Performance) applications. It is a unique combination of hardware and software, backed up with specialist technical support.

Race Technology has been involved in the scrutineering of race series and championships for over 12 years at all levels of motorsport and multiple powerboat championships. We have extensive technical skills in vehicle power measurement, rule compliance and balance of performance applications. We can offer a range of services from simply supplying or renting systems, to a complete service package with remote or on-site support and custom report generation. We can also offer design and customisation services including looms and sensor packages. For more information or a demonstration please contact us.

Scrutineering product features at a glance

All scrutineering systems use internal GPS recievers to reference all data to real world position.

** RTSS SL and RTSS S have 2 CAN ports with up to 105 channels and raw CAN availble.

* RTSS L features a single CAN port with up to 60 channels and RAW can available.

There are ongoing charges for the RTSS SL and RTSS L cloud data services and live telemetry. We can discuss these charges and your championship's requirements as part of a complete technical support package.