What is the Race Technology Data Analysis software?



Without doubt the power of our Analysis Software is one of the key reasons why Race Technology products continue to go from strength to strength.

The Race Technology Data Analysis Software is the main application that comes with nearly all Race Technology products, and as the title would suggest allows you to analyse the data you collect in a number of ways.

A very simple example of what the software can do would be to download the data after a race and calculate the lap times and the speeds around the circuit. Another simple example would be to download data after a performance test and plot the power output for the run. However, this is just scratching the surface of the Analysis Software's capabilities - the analysis software is both hugely powerful and flexible piece of software. We have tried to keep this as simple and intuitive as possible to allow new users to get up and running as quickly as possible, but at the same time incorporate a wide range of powerful features for more advanced analysis.

Powerful cutting edge features include: Runs under Windows, full video support, unique simulation feature, accurate track maps, flexible graphing, user defined variables, user defined filtering, almost unlimited laps and sectors, fast/flexible/structured operation, free upgrades and email support.

One of the powerful features of the analysis software is the unique simulation feature. This is a feature exclusive to us, and has many benefits to the user. It would be typically used to investigate where you have the potential to drive your vehicle faster on a track (think of it as racing a "perfect" driver in exactly the same car), or for investigating the effect vehicle changes will have on lap times (for example how would you lap times improve if the cars power was increased by 10%). More information on this unique simulation feature can be found in our knowledge base here


Key features

  • Supports sample rates of up to 1kHz, with the appropriate hardware, ideal for high speed signals including shock rate analysis.
  • Full HD/UHD video support - load in video from GoPro cameras and use it directly for data/Video analysis and add overlays for video export. The interface has been optimised for speed and simplicity - just a few clicks and you are done.
  • Comprehensive CAN support. Allows 100's of CAN variables to be loaded directly from a DBC file.

Efficient user interface

  • Hot keys. We've added keys for quick selection of data as well as common operations like adding track markers etc.
  • Drag and drop of variables. With the large number of variables that the software can handle, it can be difficult to find the one you want from a single list. Now you can drag them from the variable manager and drop them onto graphs, etc.
  • Shortcuts on lap and sector grid. Right click runs on the lap and sectors window and select from a range of common operations, like remove and change name.

Powerful data handling

  • The amount of data is only limited by the size of the hard drive, so loading multiple runs, long runs and multiple sessions is all possible, and expandable to meet your demands.
  • More variables available. The maximum number of variables at any time is 1000, enough for even extreme applications.
  • Automatic selection of variables. With the large number of variables now available, we've introduced automatic variable selection, simply load the data in and any channels or variables with data will be displayed.

Race Technology's analysis software is a favourite amongst our race and industrial customers all over the world.

All our software is available as a single download which includes all programs and the documentation. This is available for free download here.

For further information on how to use the Analysis software please visit our Knowledge Base here