DASH4PRO – Compact graphics display with direct CAN input



The DASH4PRO is a compact, highly configurable, graphics data display. It can be used with one of products, for example data logger or ECU adapter, or it can be used as a standalone CAN display. The DASH4PRO is often used on formula cars there is very limited room for a display, or in applications there the standard dashboard is retained, but some additional instrumentation is required.

Since the DASH4PRO uses graphics display, any combination of variables, text and even simple graphs can be placed anywhere on the screen. As well as the main display area, the DASH4PRO features 2 rows of very high brightness multicolour LEDs.

The display is sealed, and built into exceptionally tough aluminium housing. Depending on the application there are options for mounting the display onto a panel, onto a steering wheel, or even a suction mount for windscreen mounting.

If used with one of our data loggers then it can be configured to display any combination of temperatures, pressures, speed, RPM, lap and sector times etc. It also can be used to control the logger remotely, for example start/stop logging, and adding track markers for lap timing. There is also a performance meter mode, for example 0-60mph or 100kph timing.

When connected to an ECU interface, then it can display all the decoded ECU parameters.

When used as a standalone CAN display, the unit can decode and display CAN variables based on a DBC file.

Features at-a-glance:

  • Backlit LCD display, visible in all lighting conditions
  • Sealed and robust, suitable for bikes and open cars
  • Serial data input for simple connection to any RT equipment, or optional direct CAN input
  • Up to 40+ variables per screen, and up to 5 screens of data
  • When used with our data loggers, can be used to control logging, lap timing, display warnings and errors.
  • Display any combination of values, text, bargraphs, mini graphs
  • Super-clear fonts from tiny, to full screen
  • 2 sets of high brightness LEDs, for a variety of uses
  • Optional alarms can be set on all channels
  • Math channels can be configured to do complex real time calculations
  • Comprehensive menu for in car configuration of common options
  • Built in performance meter function for common  tests, eg 0-60mph
  • Display advanced lap timing results from data loggers, including real time timeslip:


Real time timeslip example


Main Product (GBP 395.00)
Available Add-ons
DASH4PRO CAN Receive Enhancement (GBP 325.00)
DASH4PRO Steering Wheel Mount Kit/Cable (DASH4PROSTWMK) (GBP 55.00)
DASH4PRO Windscreen Mount Kit (GBP 80.00)
USB Programming Lead (USBPROGLEAD) (GBP 55.00)


Main Product


* - Main product required.

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