Using an ECU interface is an efficient way to display or log a number of ECU/engine parameters without the need to actually wire any sensors directly, for a faster and neater installation.


Aftermarket ECU Interfaces Production ECU Interfaces OBD-II System
Pre-configured ECU interfaces for a range of aftermarket ECU makes and models
Interfaces for direct connection to popular production vehicle ECUs Universal OBD-II system for easily obtaining data from a vehicle OBD port


ECU Interfaces are designed for use with our DASH2 and DL1 SPORT products, and will be required for serial data type ECUs for use with RT LIVE and DASH4PRO products. Some of our products such as DL1 CLUB, DL1 PRO (RT LIVE offers CAN input) offer built in ECU interfaces and CAN input as optional software licences; which can take the place of a seperate, physical ECU interface. The list of available ECU interfaces is identical.

If a specific interface is not available, the OBD-II system can be used to obtain engine data from the "On Board Diagnostics" connector.