RTSS S Scrutineering System

A purpose designed motorsport scrutineering logger with rugged connectors, designed to offer a level of compatibility with other RTSS system looms and RTSS system infrastructure. Manual data collection by collecting SD memory cards and managing data using the Race Series Manager software. The Race Series Manager software is designed for use with a cloud service such as OneDrive or Google Drive, so data is automatically organised and uploaded to be shared between multiple scrutineers/series management.

Data processing & report generation

Data collected using the Race Series Manager software is automatically organised and can be uploaded to a cloud storage service. Data reports can be generated and highlighted issues to be checked for compliance, when using a cloud storage service this can be done by an office based engineer without the need to travel to the track. This simultaneously increases the data quality and reduces the cost of operating the system.


RTSS Rear Connectors

The RTSS S does not offer the live telemetry features of the RTSS SL and RTSS L products.